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Customised System

We believed that every company have their own working flow even they are from the same industry or same business. A minor different way of operation will have different efficiency of result. We help you design and create the system that suite you.

” We are capable enough to start any customised web application development. “

3 Main Point for Customised System

Our Approach

Customized System is actually advanced system ofย CMS. We are focusing in contents pass down, task automation and efficiency of the system. Customized system must be able to help clients in term of cost cutting, man power deduction, time saving, fast data delivery, accuracy of the data, data recovery and data security. User Interface is one of our main focus during system development. We will ensure that users are very easy to adapt into our system usage and they are able to accurately execute their task with 3 clicks procedure rules.


A good system is should supported by a very well designed database system. A good database design will ensure the success of the system. We have more than 5-year experience in designing a database that contain million rows of data in a table, and fast instruction per second that need to access database. Later stage, features will be designed base on client requirement.


Final stage will be security. Our system is passed through penetration test. We follow internet standard procedure to ensure the data is safe with our system. We do follow internet trend to watch up any security issue arise that will be affecting out system. If yes, we will enhance your system for FREE OF CHARGE.

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We provide Web application customised system for our clients base on their need. We do provide consultation too.

Our pricing varies depending on the specific services you require and the scope of your project. We offer customized solutions to fit each client's unique needs and budget. Please contact us.

Yes, we will provide after sales service for your service, providing training and whatsapp group to support.

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Have Any Query Feel Free Contact

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